Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Face Cleanser After Gym and why you need one

If you are breaking out with pimples after a good workout from the gym-then you need a post workout cleanser formulated for after working out.

A long time rumor that a "good sweat" from working out will actually clean your pores. But scientists say that's not the case. Not only does your oil producing sebacious glands go into over drive but sweat may actually clog your pores. For one, sweat contains acne causing bacteria. Also, acne irritants like dust and dirt are more likely to adhere to moist skin. Mix the bacteria and oil in sweat with clogged pores and the result is often pimples.

Combine sweat with friction from sports bras, tight fitting clothing, head bands and baseball caps makes the perfect breeding ground for acne. This is called acne mechanica.

You can prevent breakouts by taking time with a proper skin care regimen after your workout from the gym.

After exercise, cleanse with the dermatologist recommended Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser. This is the only cleanser that is not formulated for masses of people, but specifically for cleansing the skin after a workout. This cleanser will not only thoroughly deep cleanse all debris from sweat, but it won't dry out the skin. Your skin should still have adequate moisture to prevent future breakouts after acne is gone. If you use a cleanser that drys out your skin, your sebacious glands go into a rebound mode by producing more oil, thus leading to breakouts.

The Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser does not have any chemical or synthetic ingredients. Your pores open naturally to expel sweat. Doctors agree, what you apply on your skin can work its way into the blood stream. This cleanser is perfect for those who want to eliminate as many chemicals from their skin care products as possible. Also, artificial fragrances, colors and chemicals can actually irritate acne.

Think of your skin care regimen as important as your workout regimen and you are certain to have clear, healthy skin.

What is your skin care regimen after the gym?

By Sandy Alcide copyright 2013. All rights reserved. Sandy is president of Motion Medica skin care. Pioneers of fitness skin care products since 2005. She can be reached via the website. www.motionmedica.com