Monday, December 6, 2010

Teaching athletic kids about skin care

As with all habits parents lead by example. If you take care of your skin most likely your children will follow. But how do you teach kids to take care of their skin when they have no interest in it?

Here are a few pointers....

In the single digit ages parents must supervise and be diligent of cleansing their child's skin. When there is no bath night the child must be supervised at the sink and get them into the habit of washing their face and hands.

Tell your kids about the important job their skin has to do. It keeps infections out of the body and keeps them from getting sick. When they take care of their skin they are helping skin do it's job!

Taking care of the skin today, will help with future problems, like acne, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

One simple way to take care of your skin is to keep it clean. This is essential for an active child in sports to prevent acne from their sweaty activities which harbors acne causing bacteria. Tell them how important it is to wear sunscreen when playing outdoors. You may want to show them a picture of a person's skin who neglected it, by being riddled with acne, and lots of wrinkles and dry skin at a young age from too much sun with no sunscreen protection.

Over zealous cleansing is unnecessary. Cleansers should not contain salicylic acid as it is too over sensitizing for this tender young skin. A gentle cleanser with lots of natural astringents will do the job and never apply alcohol based products to the skin as this will dry and irritate their skin.

Sports active tweens and teenagers should make a good habit to cleanse their hands (which will transfer dirt to the skin), and face following the sport and always before bed time. If skin is thoroughly cleansed at bed time just some luke warm water will do in the morning and a lip balm to prevent chapped lips from water.

Children of all ages and those who do not practice sports should never be permitted to go to bed without washing their face and hands if it's not bath night.

My own daughter who is twelve is now an avid runner and independently cleanses her face after her runs and immediately coming home from school when she has physical education. She told me a lot of kids in her school the same age as her has acne but she doesn't. It proves this method of teaching your kids holds true and it's never too late to start it.

Start this skin healthy habit now and they will have their parents/guardians to thank for healthy adult skin.

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By Sandy Alcide, founder of Motion Medica fitness skin care.