Thursday, November 18, 2010

Misleading labeling of natural skin care

In case you want to try a new "natural" product on the skin care market read this first.

Misleading labeling by manufacturers of natural and organic personal care products is resulting in consumer confusion. One of the greatest points of confusion in the skin care industry occurs when the word "natural" is used on the label to describe the nature of the product.

More companies are targeting athletic or exercise inclined persons because of their healthy lifestyles.

Natural products mean a lack, or processed ingredients (synthetic/chemical), or a non-chemical "process" is used in extracting the botanicals. Unfortunately, when these products are tested they are rarely organic or natural.

A growing number of skin care companies have been making natural or organic claims. Organic is when no pesticides are used at all and the herbs and botanicals are grown inside greenhouses. A more expensive growing process as smaller amounts can only be grown as opposed to vast outdoor fields.

According to Policy Director, Tom Hutchinson of The Organic Trade Association (OTC). "A personal skin care product that claims to be natural must have at least 70% natural ingredients". Most culprits of this misleading marketing are the inexpensive chain store brands and in some cases, the expensive brands found in department stores. The average ratio is only 10%-20% natural ingredients and the remaining synthetic ingredients or water. Also, in order to produce a mass amount, the natural method of cold pressing the botanicals are not used, but chemicals to extract the botanicals are.

Although the OTC has intentions of cracking down on these companies, Tom Hutchinson advises; "Consumers should be aware that at the present time there is nothing precluding a marketer from making all natural claims regardless of ingredient content."

If you suspect that it sounds too good to be true, don't buy it and if a well known and even well liked celebrity is endorsing it, they may not know the true value of the product.

Stay fabulous and a savvy consumer.

By Sandy Alcide founder of Motion Medica skin care. Copyright 2010.