Thursday, July 7, 2011

Second thoughts about Safe Cosmetics Act 2011

"I own my words. Even if I have to occasionally eat them". I took this pledge with Blog With Integrity. Rather than deleting my original post about the new Safe Cosmetics Act 2011; I am admitting I hastily agreed with it until I read the Act in full. I agree with some of the new Act. I certainly don't disagree about synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and skin care that can cause cancer but congress went a bit over-board into misleading persons that natural ingredients, even cold pressed essential oils from fruit should be banned if not properly listed on the ingredients label. One essential oil they are opposed of is Orange Essential Oil. I can't write about this any better than Michelle Rhoades on her blog The Hive. Click here for her informative article.

The new HR 2359 bill for Safe Cosmetics Act is now publicly available and you can read it here.

There are lots of petitions from credible organizations who support all natural ingredients that are opposing this bill. When you click on the link to read about the new bill you can support or oppose it.

By Sandy Alcide founder Motion Medica skin care