Monday, October 24, 2011

Difference between body and facial lotions?

I'll be brief and straight forward: Yes.

Body lotions are richer in emollients than facial moisturizers. Notice how a person tends to breakout with pimples on the face rather than the tops of hands, arms and legs? The skin condition between our face and body are different.

Have you ever seen a body lotion marked as "non-comedogenic"? You see this a lot on cremes and moisturizers for the face. Ingredients in facial and body lotions can be similar, but the concentration of certain ingredients, mostly emollients, are higher in body lotions, hands, arms and legs tend to be drier than the face. Products that contain "oil" in both facial and body lotions should not be used. Oils will clog the pores of the face leading to possible breakouts of white/blackheads and pimples. Oils in body cremes may make your skin feel soft but they tend to lay on top of skin rather than absorbing into skin for proper hydration.

A product you can apply both on face and body? You can apply facial moisturizer on your body especially where skin may tend to breakout like the chest, back and shoulder area. Never apply body lotion or hand lotion on your face.

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Body lotions-keep them on the body where they belong.

By Sandy Alcide, founder Motion Medica skin careCopyright 2011