Monday, March 4, 2013

Skin Care Wonders from the Sea

As a dietary supplement, marine ingredients are beneficial to maintain healthy skin and healthy digestion. They are rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Marine ingredients are also provided in topical skin care products, and they seem to be making a big splash!

Algae, known to have excellent anti-aging properties, has actually been used for beauty since ancient times. There are over two hundred kinds of algae used in skin care products. The most commonly used algaes in skin care are blue green marine algae and red marine algae. These are known to produce exceptional results for healthy skin. They are widely found in products for mature, dry or sensitive skin type.

In addition to algae, the deep seas offer marine collagen. This is a material derived from the substance found on fish scales. It was first used by the Japanese for skin care products and it’s known to provide support for skin with anti-aging benefits to prevent skin from pre-mature wrinkles and sagging.

Sea water features minerals and trace elements that claim to be good for healthy skin cell functioning. The Dead Sea in particular has the common name “Salt Sea of the World”. Being at below sea level scientists have taken an interest in this sea since 1837. Water from the Dead Sea has been used to treat psoriasis. The Dead Sea’s unique composition of natural minerals derives from dissolving the salt created in the natural evaporation process of the lake’s water. Dead Sea Mud has been used in skin care for its benefits in maintaining healthy skin and detoxifying affects. It’s also known to help dryness, inflammation, psoriasis and eczema.

This synergy from the sea when used in natural skin care products can lead to healthy balanced skin. Ingredients from the sea are also found in products for toning, moisturizing, detoxifying and revitalizing. No matter what your skin type is, your skin may be pleased with the benefits from the natural wonders of the sea.

For an internal boost, I take Krill & Fish oil from the clean and cold waters of the Antartic. Rich in Omega-3 and antioxidants, Nordic Light fish oil is beneficial for healthy skin.

Use natural wonders from the sea, both topically and internally, and you'll discover a great difference in the texture and appearance of your skin.

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By Sandy Alcide, Founder of Motion Medica skin care. Sandy is a published author and guest writer for notable websites and publications. She can be contacted at: Motion Medica skin care