Friday, March 30, 2012

What exactly is the definition of Beautiful Skin?

The basic essentials of what is termed “beautiful skin” are quite basic. What actually constitutes the societal holy grail (ultimate goal) of beautiful skin is as follows:

-Smooth, firm and elastic tone
-Free of creases or deep lines
-Has some healthy reddish tint (regardless of skin color) from profuse blood circulation
-Ample water holding capability (no dehydration)
-Uses little or no cosmetics-(elle’ naturelle)
-Usually is somewhat bronzed or suntanned
-Has no skin cracks
– Clear, blemish free skin is the number one factor in attraction based on psychological studies in 170 different human cultures.

Biologically, such skin has the following characteristics:

-A strong well formed blood microcirculation (exercise helps this)
-Strong collagen and elastin fibers (prevents skin sagging)
-Ample water -holding capabilities (don’t deprive your body of inadequate water consumption)
-Has high antioxidant levels (internal and external vitamins are a must to nourish skin)
-Has adequate, but not excessive natural oils

The key to beautiful skin is maintaining the skin’s acid mantle which is commonly known as PH balance, (P)otential of (H)ydrogen.and a rapid turnover of skin cells, which an avid exerciser has the edge on. These cells rebuild damaged collagen and elastin to maintain skin’s strength, elasticity, and resiliency, but must be removed by exfoliation to reveal new skin cells. This rapid turnover also contributes to ample water holding capabilities.

Biocirculation of capillaries and small blood vessels must constantly be renewed. Any damage to this circulation impairs proper nutrient flow to the skin, thus leading to aging and dullness. Even with proper skin care, damaging skin rays can contribute to aging and cheap cosmetics and skin care products, or lack of proper skin products in one's skin care regimen can dull or clog skin’s pores.

Using a sunless tanning lotion or cosmetic bronzer is safer than a tanning bed, which draws the water from the skin. No harsh soaps should be used or are necessary, even for removing sweat after a workout. Harsh soaps will strip skin of essential natural oils. Proper cleansers should be used for certain skin types. One who is acne prone should use a cleanser with natural salicylic acid derived from willow bark rather than cheap synthetic ingredients or alcohol based products.

Most people think it costs a fortune to have celebrity looking skin. A common misconception as most celebrities use lines that are marked up for "status quo", but a person who does not have the same budget as a celebrity can use products just as good in quality and dedicate a little extra time to their skin if really dedicated for having beautiful skin.

By Sandy Alcide. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
Sandy Alcide is the Founder of Motion Medica skin care. A certified all natural skin care line and innovators of beauty products for persons with a fitness lifestyle and general skin care.