Monday, March 14, 2011

Is it acne or rosacea induced by exercise?

Flare-ups of acne during exercise is commonly mistaken for rosacea induced by exercise. Poulopustular is red bumps, often, but not always pus filled. Another side effect of rosacea is bright redness on the face accompanied with red bumps, particularly on the cheeks. Most people assume this is acne-but it's not.

One main trigger of rosacea is brought on by exercise. In addition to red bumps skin conditions can also include dryness, burning and itching. The actual causes of rosacea induced by exercise are unknown, but some possibilities for this form of allergy, can include long term exposure to UV rays, using benzoyl peroxide for acne and chemical peels.

To help flare-ups, if possible, it's best to exercise in a cool climate with limited or no intense sun exposure. Heat and blood and oxygen rushed to the skin's surface during cardiovascular activity attributes to the flare-ups. Of course you can't avoid these conditions brought on by exercise but there are a few preventive measures you can take.

Before exercise avoid eating food high in spices. Drink plenty of water during exercise in intense heat conditions. Avoid using products containing benzoyl peroxide, alcohol and for women, don't wear make-up during exercise as this is an irritant to this skin type prone to rosacea and can contribute to flare-ups.

There is no cure for rosacea. Products containing anti-inflammatory properties and soothing ingredients like aloe vera will help when applied prior to exercise. Products, for internal and external use claiming to cure rosacea induced by exercise are untrue.

By Sandy Alcide founder of Motion Medica fitness skin care Copyright 2011