Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lotions & potions to reduce cellulite now targeted for athletes

With daily exercise and great nutritional diets-athletes are not cellulite free!

You may think this is a bit unfair but even with great lifestyle habits cellulite is predominate in woman over 30, and as young as woman in their twenties.

Cellulite refers to fibrous tissue and subcutaneous fat that causes dimples in the skin. Fats and toxins that build-up in the body usually accumulate in thighs and buttocks.

Expensive specialty lotions that claim to remove or reduce the appearance of cellulite is not needed!

Any regular skin softening product and method will have the same effect as these expensive products and you'll get an added bonus of saving a lot of money.

How do you help the appearance of cellulite without the potions?

To help with the appearance of cellulite keep your skin soft by massaging it with a product that has alpha hydroxy acids AND sloughs off dead skin cells (exfoliater). Follow with a body cream that has no oil in it.

If you really are bothered by your cellulite with all the working out and proper nutrition you discipline yourself to; liposuction is another temporary surgical method but could be risky and costly.

By Sandy Alcide, founder Motion Medica skin care.Copyright 2011