Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How pore clogging ingredients are tested and what to avoid

Comedogenic: pore clogging; cause of blackheads and pimples.

How do labs test skin care and cosmetic ingredients for their levels of comedogenic? On the inside of a rabbit's ear. But, this cute little critter's ear differs from human skin. It's histologically ( a branch of anatomy that works with tiny structure of animal and plant tissues.) Oh, never mind the scientific rhetoric.

Also, overlooked by big skin care companies when testing ingredients is when one ingredient is tested, it may not clog the pore. But when it's used with a mixture of other ingredients, it can clog the pore. It's safe to say "once you add one ingredient to another, you'll get a different ingredient".

Comedogenic ingredients are of an emollient nature, (softens skin), and this is not essential for oily skin that tends to have a high amount of natural lubrication.

Here are some known pore clogging ingredients for oily skin types, when used with a mixture of other ingredients.

Olive Oil
Cocoa Butter
Mineral Oil
Pure Coconut Oil
Sesame Oil
Pure Corn Oil
Jojoba Oil

If you don't want blackheads, (and who does), skip the use of a skin care product or cosmetic with these ingredients.

By Sandy Alcide. Cosmetic Biochemist. Founder of Motion Medica skin care.Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.