Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your face does not get all the anti-aging attention!

A rather frequently asked question to me: Why Does the Face Get All The Anti-Aging Attention? My answer: "It doesn't".

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Is it sunburn or sun damaged skin?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Confusing information about exfoliating blackheads

Many people are sometimes confused about new information they hear about or read. A popular day time television show recently e-mailed me about how they wanted to do a segment about "exfoliating blackheads". I replied, "Although I appreciate the offer, I can't provide you with any information because this will worsen peoples' skin with this ailment". I don't know if it ever aired, I haven't had time to watch day time television in many years.

So why should you not use this skin care method with blackheads? What exactly is blackheads? They are the result of excessive oil and dirt in our pores. Medically defined as, "open comodone", are usually the first stages of acne. They may or may not develop into skin inflammation and infection = a pimple.

The "black" of the blackhead is not dirt. The oils blocking your pores when exposed to air, oxidize causing oil to become solid. The blocked pore reflects light and looks black.

Getting rid of blackheads is easy. You are only removing clogged oil from pores. Exfoliating them will not get rid of them but will irritate it and cause acne. Blackheads need to be extracted-correctly. If you don't know how to extract blackheads visit a skin care specialist. The most important element in not having blackheads is preventing them to occur. This is where exfoliating your skin comes into a major role among one of the benefits of exfoliating.

Buying a cleanser and buying an exfoliating wash is not necessary. Simply use a 2-In-1 exfoliating cleanser with the correct ingredients. One that has exfoliating agents that will not abrade delicate skin tissue incorporated into the cleanser with salicylic acid-and other natural ingredients that will promote healthy skin is even better. Use one that avid exercisers use because avid exercise promotes more excessive oil and dead skin cells.

Hard scrubbing with excessive motion will not only irritate your skin but will worsen the condition. Scrub gently with warm water in a circular motion and you'll see greater results. Using a facial brush of any kind, even when it comes with the product is not only unnecessary but will cause irritation. Blackhead strips have minimal effect and have been found to cause excessive inflammation because only the surface of the blackhead is removed. Not getting "into" the pore leads to pimples. A strip can't do this.

Adhere to a regular routine of cleansing, for both face and body. A daily exfoliater is not necessary in addition to other skin care steps. The best exfoliater only needs to be used 3-4 times a week. This will clean away excess oil and dirt and dead skin cells that trap these into your skin. You'll also help give your skin a radiant boost and prevent anti-aging. For ladies, avoid wearing excessive make-up and make-up that is not water based. Allow your skin to breathe. Never exfoliate more than once a day. Too much of a good thing can be bad for your skin.

Visible results of clear, blackhead free skin will result if you use the above suggestions. Give it a try.

By Sandy Alcide, founder of Motion Medica skin care.
Sandy is a published author about effective skin care and President of the American Athletic Skin Care Association-Raising Awareness Among the Rise In Melanoma Among Outdoor Athletes.
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