Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why wearing make-up during exercise is bad for your skin-and how you can wear it if you must

With the exception of eye make-up and lipstick, liquid foundation, blushes and mineral make-up should be not be used on the skin during exercise. Sweat and dirt will get trapped in your pores and cause breakouts or lack luster of skin. Make-up will cause an array of oil, dirt, bacteria and chemicals (from make- up) cling to your skin.

You have 650 sweat glands per square inch. When you perspire during a workout your pores open naturally to expel sweat and natural toxins as methylphenol, urea and lactic acid. This is beneficial to your skin. But covering the pores with make-up blocks this beneficial natural occurrence. You won't be getting the full benefits for your skin from working out. An enhanced post-workout natural healthy glow.

When you mix sweat with make-up it will attract bacteria that will cause pimples, and white/blackheads. If you are not acne prone, normal skin can be more sensitive after a workout while wearing make-up.

The skin needs to turn over new cells, an avid exerciser produces more dead skin cells. When pores are blocked with make-up this won't happen. Your skin needs to "breathe", when you don't allow this to happen dull skin, pimples, dryness and congested skin will result from this.This may not happen immediately, but over a period of time it eventually will wreck havoc on your skin. Never wash your face with a cleanser that has oil in it prior to applying your make-up before a workout! This will really clog your pores by blocking the out-flow of perspiration in addition to having make-up covering your pores. Before applying make-up, apply a small amount of serum specifically formulated to protect skin from the elements of sweat, oil and bacteria causing acne.

Make-up that is non-comedogenic, is not referring to using it while exercising. Pure mineral make-up that does not contain oils or talc are no exception. Most of these pure mineral make-ups contain beeswax, lanolin and carmine that can clog the pores.

Rather than experiencing these negative results, take prevention before it happens. It may be worth the small investment of time to cleanse your skin before a workout and go make-up free. If you must wear make-up during exercise, wash with the highly suggested Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser. This cleanser is used by professional athletes after intense training.

I work with many women who are either time crunched to cleanse their face before a workout, or because of their profession must wear make-up while training. Think of your skin care regimen as importantly as your workout regimen, and with a little extra time dedicated towards your skin you'll discover an overall improvement with your skin conditions.

No make-up in the world can beat the natural beautiful post workout glow of a self confident woman!

By Sandy Alcide BioChemist and Founder of Motion Medica fitness skin care Innovator of beauty skin care products for the fitness lover used by professional athletes. She is a contributing writer for Always New You and the Huffington Post. Sandy Alcide is also the President of the American Athletic Skin Care Association with Co-Chairman Dr. John Daniels. She can be contacted via Motion Medica's website. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. You may use this article or portions for your blog, newsletter or website but you must include this paragraph and a link to