Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is your skin care regimen taking over your life as a fitness junkie?

We love to get a good workout in. Whatever your sport or activity is you encounter sweat, dirt, dry heat climate conditions, sun exposure, poor indoor or outdoor air quality. So, you want to save your skin that goes through the wringer as you encounter all these elements.

Many active persons are confused how to nurture this special skin type. You may try all sorts of products to help with getting your skin skin refreshed, clean and protected. No need to have a confusing array of products or additional time consuming steps when it comes to your skin.

Rather than cleansing your face and then applying an astringent to maintain skin's health, use a cleanser that all ready contains a load of herbal astringents-eliminating the extra step of applying an astringent. After your workout, cleanse with a cleanser that contains ingredients that not only will eliminate the sweat but has antimicrobial properties to ward off pimples and excessive oil without causing skin to become dry.

With a rapid turnover of dead skin cells, who has the time to use a brush on their skin that can abrade delicate skin tissue, and, have to use it on a daily basis? Use a 2 In 1 Exfoliating Cleanser-it will cleanse AND exfoliate dead skin cells all in one cleansing and you only need to use it 3 times a week. Not once a day.

Protect the skin before a workout. Apply a topical antioxidant before a sunscreen and your skin will thank you for the added protection by revealing a much radiant, acne free appearance without worry of skin damage from the sun and skin cancer.

During the meltdown of a hot sweaty workout, ditch the towelettes and grab a convenient botanical mist formulated to get you feeling refreshed and kills nasty acne causing bacteria until you can hit the shower.

Let your skin go through the wringer during a great workout without being preoccupied about the consequences.

Sandy Alcide has written for Fitness For Men, Bare Essentials, Bicycling, Fitness, San Diego Fitness, SCW Fitness, Beauty & Lace, Ms. Fitness. Alcide collaborated with author Dr. John Daniels to write Mainstream Skin Care Line vs. Atypical Skin Care.
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