Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to properly wash your face after a workout

Your facial skin is more delicate and thinner than your body skin. Your cleansing methods are more specialized on your face.

"Never shock your face". Don't use very cold or very hot water after a workout. Your pores are open to expel sweat during exercise. Your skin is a bit more sensitive. Both methods can cause broken capillaries and red marks around nose and cheeks. Always use luke warm water when rinsing your face and body.

Don't use a wash cloth on your face when cleansing. This can irritate skin. Make sure your hands are clean before washing your face and body. Your hands can be loaded with dirt and germs after touching gym and sports equipment. Use a cleanser that is not formulated for masses of people, but one that is specially formulated for post workout. Dermatologists recommend the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser. This is a complex formula to cleanse the skin and return it back to proper PH after a lot of sweat.

Starting with your cheek area use gentle circular motion. Use up and down strokes for the sides of your nose. For the chin, top of the mouth and forehead,; use straight back and forth motion. Never vigorously rub your skin. Not only is it unnecessary but it can cause premature sagging of skin over time.

The best and most effective wash is one that includes some kind of gentle massage and a correct skin care product. When you stimulate your lymph system it brings blood and oxygen circulating to the skin. This actually enhances that wonderful post workout glow of your skin.

By Sandy Alcide Copyright 2007. Sandy is an athlete skin care consultant and founder of Motion Medica. Pioneer of chemical free fitness skin care products. She can be reached via www.MotionMedica.com